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Your Samples: Gathering Dust or Delivering Intelligence?

You invest a significant amount of money into developing, packaging and shipping food samples to food scientists, culinologists and research laboratories.

How many of your samples go into a black hole, either sitting on a shelf collecting dust — or missing their documentation so they don’t get used? Probably quite a few.

  • What if your samples could report back to you on who was using them and when?
  • What if researchers never had to worry about misplaced or out-of-date documentation?
  • What if you could reduce your labor and printing costs?
  • What if you could better target your sales efforts and grow your revenues?

Welcome to RogoHub™

Patent pending RogoHub is revolutionizing the way food vendors interact with their customers. With RoguHub, you can transform your silent samples into vocal sales “people” — and intelligence “officers” who collect data and report back to you.

RogoHub is a web-based application that allows you to list your products in a user-friendly, easily searchable database. Your customers can easily search your products and get immediate access to your most current technical data. They can order more samples with a single click.

RogoHub collects information about who is viewing your sample documentation, enabling you to better target your marketing efforts.

Empower Your Samples with RogoHub: Information Delivered. Intelligence Received.

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Why RogoHub was created. How RogoHub works. Plus testimonials.



“RogoHub is the answer to simplifying your sample system. Instead of having to send emails or make calls to vendors for information, you can just scan the sample and you have all the information you need to start your formulation process. This is s a time saver and makes the long laundry list of technical information required available at your fingertips in a split second.”


Food Ingredient Researcher, NY

RogoHub is providing a cutting edge technology that will be a game-changer for the food industry. I have complete confidence in the leadership behind the company and have received excellent customer service.

John A.