RogoHub™ was designed with the End User in mind with workshop and beta test input from Vendors and End Users alike.

With their input, we designed a system that is intuitive and fits your industry’s specific needs. We invite you to explore our FAQs page or contact us if you have questions!

The FAQs are divided into sections by topic, including for vendors and end users.


Using RogoHub™ – The Basics

Do I need any special equipment or software to use RogoHub?

No, RogoHub is web-based. The unique QR code it generates for each item is simply an image file, so no need for software, special labels, printers or ink.

Will I need formal training or will my tech support team need to assist with setting up and using RogoHub?

No, anyone with basic computer skills can use RogoHub. You can use any computer (PCs, Macs or even mobile devices) with an Internet connection to add items and update documentation.

How long does it take to load an item into RogoHub?

Less than five minutes once you’ve set up your account!

Is there a limit to how many items I can load into RogoHub?

No, we have abundant capacity, so you can add as many items as you need.

Documentation – Related Questions

How do I load documentation into RogoHub?

You simply upload your documentation as a PDF file into RogoHub when you add your item.

If you need to add, delete or update any information, you simply log into RogoHub, find the item and make your changes. End users will see the updated information the next time they scan your QR code.

What kind of technical documentation can I load into RogoHub?

You can upload the following (but are not limited to):

Vendor Item Name
Vendor Item Number
Item Properties
Kosher Certificate
GMO Free Statement
Natural Statement
Organic Certificate
PHO Free Statement
Gluten Free Statement
Halal Certificate
Specification Sheet
Nutritional Information
Allergen Information
Country of Origin
Certificate of Analysis

QR Code Questions

How does the QR code process work?

As you add your item to RogoHub, you’ll be prompted to generate a unique QR code image. Simply save the image file in the format of your choice (.jpg, .png, .bmp, etc.) to wherever you want it — your PC, network drive, flash drive, email, etc. Then copy the image file into whatever software you use to create labels.

Do I need to generate a new QR code every time I print a label?

No, you simply reuse the image file you already created and saved.

How large does the QR code need to be on the sample label?

The QR code can be positioned and sized to fit your labels, either on existing ones or as a separate label. Generally, larger codes are easier for devices to scan, so we recommend experimenting a bit to see what works best for your label size.

Data Collection / Intelligence-Related Questions

How does RogoHub collect information about how my samples are being used?

Each time an end user scans your sample’s QR code, it collects information and stores it as an “event” in RogoHub.

What kind of information does RogoHub collect when end users scan QR codes?

RogoHub collects the name of the end user, time, date, item name and number and documents viewed. Now you know who is viewing your sample information and likely using your samples. You can use this information to target your marketing efforts and track trends to see which pages are viewed most often.

Security-Related Questions

Is my item data safe and secure?

We are committed to our vendors, so the safety, security and integrity of your technical information is of paramount importance. To ensure your data is secure and stored in a stable environment, RogoHub uses:

  • Vendor login required
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption for all data transmissions
  • Servers are housed in a highly secure, reliable data center with secure network and application firewalls, updated as needed and are monitored continuously
  • Highly secure, reliable data center that follows server security protocols with constant monitoring
  • All data is backed up frequently and stored in a centralized backup system in an offsite location.

Some of my samples have tech data that must remain confidential and / or are proprietary. Will other vendors or competitors be able to see these items in RogoHub?

No, not unless you select “Public View” when you add your item into RogoHub. If “Public View” is not selected, only the end user who received the sample is able to view the technical information when they scan the QR code.

As is the case with any confidential technical data, once in the possession of an end user, a vendor is dependent upon the good discretion and integrity of the receiving party to maintain confidentiality.

Is there any benefit to selecting “Public View” when I add my items to RogoHub?

Yes! By choosing “Public View,” your items will display in search results when an end user searches by ingredient. This expands your exposure to a much broader end user base. End users can then easily request your samples from inside RogoHub with a simple click.

Researcher / End User-Related Questions

(If you are a researcher / end user and have questions, please see the next section below.)

Do end users have to pay to use RogoHub?

No! RogoHub is completely free for end users.

Do end users need special equipment to use RogoHub?

Only an Internet connection and a mobile device such as a phone or tablet that has a camera and a QR code reader app installed.

What devices can end users use to scan RogoHub QR codes and access RogoHub?

The RogoHub website can be accessed on any device with an Internet connection.

Any mobile device (iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, other tablets and phones) with a camera and a QR code reader app that can read RogoHub QR codes. Some devices have built-in QR readers. There are many free QR code reader apps that users can download if needed.

How will end users new to RogoHub know how to access technical information for their samples?

The process is super simple and fast, so it won’t take long for new users to benefit! You can include info about how to use it in your communication to end users, including adding a little “how to” insert or print simple instructions on your labels.

For example, add something like “Using a QR code reader on your mobile device, simply aim your device’s camera at the QR code to access this sample’s technical information.”

How do end users request samples using RogoHub?

They can conduct ingredient or vendor searches in RogoHub using any device with an Internet connection, including mobile devices! When they see a sample they want, they simply click on the Order Sample button displayed next to the ingredient name.

The vendor receives an email that includes the end user’s name, company name, ship to address, phone number, email address, item name and number.

What if end users don’t have or want to use their mobile devices to view technical data?

If your item is listed as “Public View,” end users can view all of the technical data by simply by accessing RogoHub from a computer. If they want to print a document, they simply click on it and then download it or send it to their printer.

For items not listed as “Public View,” end users would just need to contact you and request it.


How do I use the QR code to access the technical information for a sample?

Make sure your mobile phone or tablet has access to the Internet via a Wi-Fi network or cellular connection.

Open your QR code reader app on your mobile phone or tablet.

Aim your camera at the sample’s QR code. As soon as your device reads the code, RogoHub displays the sample’s data.

If your device does not have a QR code reader / scanner app, you can find several free apps in your device’s store. Search for “QR code scanner” to find what apps are available for your device.

I can’t or don’t want to use my mobile device to access technical data. How can I access it?

You can access data for all items that are listed as “Public View” in RogoHub by just searching for the item on the RogoHub website. If an item is listed “confidentially,” meaning the vendor does not want its technical information accessible by anyone searching RogoHub, you would just need to contact the vendor and request it.

Why can’t I can’t find an item in RogoHub that I’ve ordered before or I think should be here?

This could be due to a few things. The vendor could have removed the item.

Or the item might not be marked for “Public View,” meaning it will not show up in any searches in RogoHub. You can contact the vendor to learn more.

What mobile devices can I use to access RogoHub?

You can access the RogoHub website on any device with an Internet connection.

You can use any mobile device (iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, other tablets and phones) that has a camera and a QR code reader app that can read RogoHub QR codes.

Some devices have built-in QR readers (Android). There are many free QR code reader apps you can download if needed. For iPhones, the QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner by MixerBox, Inc. (available in the Apple Store) has received high reviews.

How do I request samples using RogoHub?

You create a profile in RogoHub one time that includes your name, shipping details, contact information, etc. Then you simply click on an “Order Sample” button from your device and the vendor automatically receives your request with your information.