About Us

It started with an “Aha!” moment in 2015 for RogoHub™ founder, David Hughes.


The “Aha!” moment occurred when David realized there was a much better way to do something. A way to:

  • Create a vastly superior process to accepted industry standards and norms
  • Impact people’s lives by making their jobs simpler and more efficient
  • Reduce costs and grow revenues for food manufacturers and their customers

David’s hunch was affirmed when he shared this “Aha!” moment with a vendor customer and explained how this service would work.

At first, there was silence…nothing…no response…tick, tick, tick…

Then, “Oh – My – Gosh!  Do you have any idea how much easier this would make my life? Do you have any idea how much more quickly I could get my work done? This is a great idea! What can I do to help you make this happen?” 

The passion in her voice was palpable and contagious.  At that moment David knew he could not let the idea go. He became consumed with developing a beautifully designed, simple, user-friendly service that would make people’s lives easier.


After months of input, development and testing, RogoHub™ was launched.

More About David

David’s professional career began as a manufacturer’s representative, where he developed relationships with manufacturers and their customers.

David’s view of this marketplace was always from the middle. David soon understood the needs and challenges both faced when it came to working with samples. Sampling has always been an important component for both, but was often a cumbersome, expensive and inefficient process. David understood that:

  • Manufacturers and vendors need to provide samples to grow their market share, yet do so in a cost-effective way.
  • Customers need quick, easy access to food samples and technical data so they can conduct their R&D work in a timely way — and get their products on the market sooner.

The Problem? Keeping Track of Documentation

Ask any food scientist, research chef or culinologist what their biggest challenge is when working with samples and most will say: finding and keeping track of the documentation that is as important as the sample itself. Often, the documentation is misplaced, lost or out-of-date.

In the past, a sample shipment might have contained a few pages of technical information. Now, due to concerns about safety, quality, country of origin, allergens, etc., the number of documents can be 10+ for a single sample! The printing costs alone can reach into thousands of dollars per year.

RogoHub = Solution

With patent pending RogoHub, vendors reduce costs and streamline the sample process for themselves and their customers.

  • Customers have instant access to the most current documentation, reducing their R&D time and costs.
  • Vendors also gain insight into how their samples are being used, enabling them to better target their marketing efforts.
  • RogoHub also streamlines the sample order process — end users can order more samples with a single click directly from their mobile device.

Today, we feel great satisfaction knowing David’s”Aha!” moment is transforming the crucial sample process for manufacturers and their customers. RogoHub is providing a simple solution that saves both time, money and hassles.

It gives us great joy watching vendors become a resource partner to their customers — and customers interact with the service, smile, and then respond, “Awesome!”  Anything less – we’ve missed the mark.